Guy Eats a Shocking Number of Idlis in Car, Viral Clip

On Social Media, a video goes viral and gets lots of views on Instagram. In the video, a man eating a very large amount of idlis in his car.

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Normally people sit on a Chair, Bed, or Floor to eat food, But as in a viral video, The man sits in the driver’s seat of his car. In front of him is a huge plate full of soft and fluffy idlis placed. These are the popular South Indian breakfast foods made from rice and lentil batter.

First, the man takes a large pot filled with white coconut chutney then he starts pouring it all over the mound of idlis, Dipping them completely in white creamy sauce. Then he sprinkles some reddish powdered spice on top.

A Month’s Worth of Breakfast in One Sitting

Next, he begins eating the idlis rapidly with his hands. He grabs a big packet of chutney-soaked idlis and shoves them into his mouth. He eats so fast and within minutes he completely eats all the idlis.

In the video, the man does not use any spoon or plate. He just keeps dipping his hand into the pile of idlis as he sits in the driver’s seat for the complete meal.

By the end of the video, the man has eaten every last idli on the plate. People watching the video estimate he ate between 20-30 idlis in one sitting, which is not normal as we see in day-to-day meals. He even finished all the coconut chutney he had poured over the thali.

Many people are shocked at how many idlis this man was able to eat as we see in the comments. This video is uploaded on Instagram by “foodie.on.wheelz” page. He frequently eats in his car as we have seen in other videos on the page. He uses this new shooting method to stand out among other food channels.

One of the users commented on this reel and wrote, “That’s a month’s worth of idly I would eat.” Others asked “is a toilet available in the car, to rush after eating so many idlis”.

The Making of a Viral Sensation

This video has gone viral on Instagram, gaining a total of 16.3 Million Views (16,30,000). People also show love on this video as it has 649,612 likes and there is a huge discussion going on in the comment section. Total comments are 14.4K.

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FAQ about Eating Massive Idlis in Car

Where was the viral idli video filmed?

The video was filmed inside a car, with the man eating idlis in the driver’s seat.

How many idlis did the man eat in the viral video?

He ate an estimated 20-30 idlis in one sitting.

What platform did the idli eating video go viral on?

It went viral on Instagram after being shared by @foodie.on.wheelz.

What was the man dipping the idlis in?

He was dipping the idlis in coconut chutney sauce.

How many views did the viral idli eating video get?

The video amassed over 16.3 million views on Instagram.

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