Ranveer Singh’s Viral Ad With Johnny Sins Sparks Controversy on Internet

Bollywood Bad Boy Ranveer Teams Up with Johnny Sins and Breaks the Internet

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Ranveer Singh Ad With Johnny Sins Vial Ad POVBharat

Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh is known for his bold moves. But his latest advertising campaign has stunned everyone. Ranveer Singh recently collaborated with adult film star Johnny Sins, who is widely known as a porn star worldwide. They are cast in an ad campaign in a commercial promoting men’s sexual health and wellness. In this ad, they targeted the sensitive topic of erectile dysfunction.

This commercial is conceptualized by the brand Bold Care and brought to life by writer-director Tanmay Bhatt and Ayappa KM.

Ranveer Singh: Controversy Guru Does It Again

In this ad, Ranveer Singh is interviewed after Johnny Sins’ wife threatened to leave him. As we see in the ad, she loudly complains that flowers never blossom on his branches. And he is unable to satisfy her in bed. Some scenes sound like saas-bahu scenes, typical Indian TV serials. In one scene we can see that Ranveer Singh is advising Johnny Sins to take this pill and improve his performance tremendously. So after taking it, Johnny Sins’ performance improved and the couple reunited.

This parody ad surprised many of the netizens with its casting. A star like Arjun Kapoor commented “Baba, you are bold and beautiful for doing this,” while others called the ad epic and hilarious.

Rashami Desai criticizes Ranveer Singh’s ad with Johnny Sins

However, as expected, the advertisement also received some backlash, mainly from television actors, especially Rashami Desai. She criticized it for humiliating the TV industry by promoting stereotypes. Others urged that sexual innuendos and product claims cross cultural boundaries.

rashami criticized Ranveer Singh, Johnny Sins

Debate aside, the advertisement is viral on the internet and it is undeniable.

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In this ad, the blend of humor and taboo got 500,000 Instagram likes and views. Foremost, it represented a way to discuss an important issue that Indian men rarely feel comfortable addressing.

As we see in the ad, Ranveer Singh proclaimed, “4 out of 10 men are unable to perform in bed. But what most men don’t know is that it is very common and very easy to solve.”

Branding and marketing experts applaud the campaign’s innovation. As doctor Anand Kumar of IIM Bangalore stated, using comedy allows the ad to connect with many more consumers than a more serious or clinical approach. So this is the most humorous ad campaign he has seen. The celebrity factor also helps significantly in improving reach and recall.

As Ranveer Singh has a history of high-profile brand associations, especially for companies targeting young men. His portfolio includes Pepsi, Thumbs Up and Ching’s Secret.

Ranveer Singh, collaborating with Bold Care, allows Singh to extend his edgy, irreverent persona into new territory while demonstrating social consciousness.

For better or worse, this advertisement’s humor and originality shook up the marketing world and online community. This advertisement pushes the boundaries regarding the discussion of intimacy in Indian culture.

FAQ on Ranveer Singh’s Viral Ad With Johnny Sins

  1. Who stars in the viral Bold Care ad with Ranveer Singh?

    The ad features American adult film actor Johnny Sins alongside Ranveer Singh.

  2. What is the Bold Care product promoted in the ad?

    The ad promotes a capsule supplement that claims to help improve men’s sexual health and performance.

  3. Why are some people offended by the Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins ad?

    Some people, especially TV actors, felt the ad’s parody of Indian soap operas was offensive and promoted negative stereotypes.

  4. How did the public react to the viral Bold Care ad?

    Reactions were mixed, with some praising it as hilarious and bold while others criticized its approach. Overall it gained large attention.

  5. How does this ad align with Ranveer Singh’s reputation and brand?

    Ranveer is known for being outrageous and controversial, so this ad fits his reputation for boldness.

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