Make Natural Colours Easily at Home for Holi in 2024

Know how easily you can make homemade holi colours so you dont need to buy any synthetic colours, Read Now

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This Holi you don’t need to buy synthetic colours from outside. By reading this article you can create your own natural colours to play Holi with your family and friends. These colours will be made of natural home ingredients like Beetroot juice, Turmeric powder, Mint leaves, Carrot, Rose, Tea and Cornflour.

Holi is also known as the “festival of colours” and it is celebrated every year in March. This year it is celebrated on 25 March 2024. People usually buy synthetic Colours from the market. They often contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin and the environment. This Holi, Celebrate festivals of colours by creating your own natural, eco-friendly colours at home.

How to make colours at Home for Holi:

Now Let’s Jump to How you can make multi-colours using ingredients that are easily available at home.

Ingredients to make colors at home for holi
RedBeetroots, Cornflour1. Grate beetroots and extract the juice.
2. Mix the beetroot juice with cornflour to make a thick paste.
YellowTurmeric powder, Gram flour1. Mix turmeric powder and gram flour in a 2:1 ratio.
2. Sieve the mixture to get a fine, even texture.
GreenFresh mint leaves, Water1. Grind fresh mint leaves with a little water to make a green liquid.
PinkRose petals, Cornflour1. Grind rose petals.
2. Mix the ground rose petals with cornflour.
OrangeCarrot juice, Cornflour1. Extract juice from fresh carrots.
2. Mix the carrot juice with cornflour to make an orange paste.
BrownCoffee grounds, Water, Cornflour1. Boil coffee grounds in water.
2. Strain the mixture.
3. Mix the coffee liquid with cornflour.
PurpleBlack carrots, Cornflour1. Grate black carrots and extract the juice.
2. Mix the black carrot juice with cornflour.

Tips and Precautions for Holi:

While natural colours are safe, you must take a few precautions when using them, So here are some tips to play Holi without worrying about consequences :

  • Wear Old Clothes: Natural colours can stain clothes, so it’s best to wear old comfortable clothes.
  • Protect surfaces: Cover surfaces like floors and tables with plastic or old sheets to prevent staining.
  • Test for allergies: Although natural colours are generally hypoallergenic, it’s always a good idea to test a small amount of homemade colours on your skin before using them. To ensure you don’t have any allergic reaction.
  • Clean up properly: After playing Holi with homemade colours, make sure to clean up all the areas where you have played the Holi. Natural colours can still stain surfaces if left uncleaned for a long time.

So, this Holi, gather your family and friends, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to celebrate Holi with homemade natural colours.

FAQ About Make Natural Colours Easily at Home for Holi:

  1. What natural ingredients can be used to make colours at home for Holi 2024?

    Beetroot, turmeric, mint leaves, rose petals, carrots, coffee, black carrots, cornflour.

  2. How to prepare natural colours at home in advance for Holi 2024 celebrations?

    Make the natural colour preparations 1-2 days prior to ensure maximum freshness and vibrancy.

  3. Is it safe to apply homemade natural colours on skin and hair for Holi 2024?

    Yes, these recipes use edible, natural ingredients that are gentle and safe for the skin and hair.

  4. How to adjust the consistency of homemade natural colours for Holi 2024?

    Add more cornflour to thicken for smearing colours. Add water to thin out for water balloons/pichkaris.

  5. What precautions to take when using DIY natural colours at home for Holi 2024?

    Do a patch test for allergies, wear old clothes, cover surfaces, clean up stains properly after.

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