Rise of Ai PC: What You Need to Know

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  • AI PCs have dedicated hardware like NPUs and extra RAM to efficiently run AI applications locally.
  • Major PC manufacturers like Dell, HP and Lenovo are releasing AI PCs with built-in AI capabilities.
  • AI PCs can enhance productivity software like video conferencing, office apps, security and content creation with AI features.

Every day we hear about AI Developments. AI changes the way how we interact with technology. It all starts with Virtual Assistance to Self Driving Cars. We can’t predict how AI will simplify our work. Nowadays companies are planning to use AI in personal computing. Major PC Manufacturers like HP, Dell and Lenovo are planning to release new AI PCs tailored to AI Applications. But what exactly are AI PCs and how they help in day to day life, Let’s find out in this article!

What is an AI PC?

An AI PC is a personal computer designed to efficiently run AI applications and workloads. This AI PC contains special processors called Neural Processing Units (NPUs) that are optimized to handle AI tasks like voice recognition, image processing and natural language processing.

To split the workload between CPU and GPU & NPU works best. This allows AI PCs to run applications faster with less power consumption. AI PCs have higher RAM to handle big data-intensive AI Models. Now let’s talk about features of AI PCs.

Key Features of AI PCs

AI PCs are the next AI thing that will change the Personal Computing field. Here are some of the key features which stands out from traditional personal computers.

  • Additional RAM: AI PCs will have extra RAM, typically 16GB or higher, which ensures the performance of AI Apps will not be affected. This allows us to run AI models like Gemma and Llama locally.
  • AI Accelerator: These PCs will have a dedicated AI accelerator chip that provides additional performance for AI tasks.
  • Dedicated Neural Processing Unit: NPU is the core component of an AI PC, it is designed specifically for Neural network-based AI workloads. Top vendors like Intel, AMD and Nvidia offer dedicated NPUs.
  • AI Optimization: The hardware and software is optimized to run AI workloads efficiently. Workloads are handled easily across the CPU, GPU and NPU without throttling or overheating.
Ai PC Real TIme Use Case

So, now you have idea about its features and how they help us in day to day life. At the end it increases our computing capacity and productivity with AI PCs. Now let’s get to know about AI PC use cases in real time.

What Can You Do with an AI PC?

The mainstream use of AI PCs is enhancing day-to-day productive software with AI capabilities:

  • Clearer video calls: AI powers background blur, auto framing and eye contact. These features help you to enhance your online Video Conference with these AI PCs.
  • Office Software: As of now we have to go to a dedicated AI Website like ChatGPT, Gemini and Claude to perform tasks like Summarizing documents, generating reports and predictive text. But using AI PCs this functionality will be available locally in the system itself.
  • Quicker security: AI can scan faster for malware and unauthorized access using the NPU. Traditionally this problem was solved by antivirus like QuickHeal, Norton 360, Bitdefender, and McAfee. These dependencies slow down the pcs.
  • Local AI art: AI helps to generate content like images, videos and music locally on the PC, so users don’t need to spend on AI content creation websites. Major vendors will include all these features inside AI PCs.

Which Companies are Making AI PCs?

All the major players are investing in this technology. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Asus have already announced new AI PC lineups. Intel and AMD are supplying the NPU chips to power these PCs. Currently, one big rumor is spreading in the market that Microsoft is to be launching official “AI PC” certification for laptops with enough AI capabilities.

According to research firms “IDC” and “Gartner“, AI PCs will dominate the market in the next few years. They estimate that over 60% of PCs shipped annually will be AI PCs by 2027.

Should you buy one now?

We will suggest you wait for sometime. Launching price will be very high, as this technology is currently in the launch phase.

But if you’re someone who relies on AI for work, it may be worth investing in one now to future-proof your setup. An AI PC will let you do data science, 3D rendering, AI development and other intensive tasks smoothly and efficiently.


AI PCs integrate specialized hardware and software that allows demanding AI applications to run locally on your personal devices. Powerful capabilities like generating content, analyzing data and even programming will enhance user productivity locally without relying on third party services. Major vendors are already onboard and planning their own AI PC offerings. This new technology is in a new phase. So it’s your choice to ride in the front seat or wait for our detailed reviews.

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