Now Google Bard can generate AI Images: Big Update

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Google recently integrated AI image generation in Google Bard. This feature gives users the ability to generate custom images from text prompts. This brings Bard into closer competition with AI chatbots like ChatGPT which are already offering text-to-image generation, but now Bard can also generate images.

After testing out Bard’s new feature, Everyone was impressed with how easy it is to start creating images using Google Bard. Now You can just give a prompt and Bard can generate the AI image. All you need is to describe the image in prompts like “a cute baby hanging upside down on a tree branch”. This text prompt will be converted to an image and you can try image to text prompts by yourself.

While Google Bard will not replace professional digital artists anytime soon, it matches the competition with Midjourney and more likely other AI image generator tools. While Bard is a free tool that is available on the internet, you just have to sign up for a Google account and you can easily use Google Bard for image creation. If you didn’t get the desired result then you can repeatedly click on “Generate more” until you get your final result. You can click again and again through cycles. This gives you more control over creativity.

How you can create images using Google Bard:

Step 1: First go to

Step 2: then in the text field write your desired prompt.

Google Bard Image Generation Prompt

Step 3: Bard will create an image.

Google Bard Image Generation Prompt

Step 4: If you don’t get a satisfactory output then you can click on “Generate more” until its match your expectation.

Google Bard Image Generation Prompt Refine

In last update, Google Bard has provide support for extension. So using extension you can use google other services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Map, YouTube,inside google Bard, You can read full guide here

How does Google Bard’s image generator work?

The secret lies in Google’s new Imagen 2 machine learning system. This is built using a type of AI called a diffusion model and trained on billions of text-image pairings. Google’s Imagen 2 can fabricate pictures that beautifully illustrate input descriptions, so this technology is working fantastically. For More Information you can visit Google’s official blog here

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Google Bard’s AI Image Generation Ethics:

Google has also taken steps to enable responsible image generation. For one, all the images will have digital watermarks including their AI origins like which account was used to create the image. Google Bard stops users from generating offensive content or identifying real people without consent. These safeguards help maintain trust in synthetic media.

FAQ About Google Bard New AI Update

What is Google Bard and how does it generate images?

Google Bard is Google’s new conversational AI service that can create images from text descriptions.

How to access the image generation feature in Google Bard?

You can access Bard’s image generator by going to in your web browser, signing in with your Google account credentials, and typing a text description of the image you want AI to generate.

What kinds of images can I get Google Bard to generate for me?

Google Bard can generate all types of images based on the text prompts you provide – landscapes, portraits, abstract images, anything you can describe.

Does Google Bard tag or watermark the AI-generated images? Why?

Yes, Google Bard watermarks all automatically-generated images with metadata about the account that created them. This is to maintain trust.

Can I get Bard to create inappropriate or offensive images?

No, Google has implemented safeguards in Bard to prevent generating offensive, dangerous, defamatory or illegal image content without consent.

Where can I learn more about responsible and ethical AI image generation?

You can visit Google’s AI Principles page to access their guidelines

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