Indian Version of World Senior Citizen Day 2023 : Things You should Know Now!

On World Senior Citizen Day, the POVBharat team visited an old age home to celebrate the occasion Read More

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World Senior Citizen Day Poster POVBharat
  • US President Ronald Reagan Declared August 21 as National Senior Citizen's Day
  • POVBharat Team celebrate World Senior Citizens Day
  • Suggestions to celebrate World Senior Citizen Day in this post

August 21 is World Senior Citizen Day. This day is celebrated globally for Contribution and achievements of Older Adults called Senior Citizens. It is also time to raise awareness of the problems that senior citizens face.

The world’s population is aging rapidly. In 2023, there are an estimated 1 billion people aged 65 and older worldwide. This number is expected to double by 2050. As the population ages, it is important to recognize the contribution of seniors and to ensure that, is they are happy?

History of World Senior Citizen Day:

In 1988, former US President Ronald Reagan Declared August 21 as National Senior Citizen’s Day to honour the contributions of senior citizens and later this day designated World Senior Citizen’s Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1990.

How POVBharat Team celebrate World Senior Citizen Day:

We visited one of our nearest old age homes. Name of “Manuski Old Age Home” and it was an incredibly eye-opening experience. When our team meet them, they all are smiling and the smiles that we see was priceless, as we heard from childhood. Senior citizens and Child are same. We never forgot that Smiling faces.
Then we helped the residents with some basic chores, like setting the table for lunch and folding laundry and they shared some of their most personal stories with us which can’t be share here.
After lunch we played carrom with the “Pro Players of Manuski Old Age Home”, They were all much better than us, and we lost the final game. But it was a lot of fun, and We all had a great time.
We decided to do this type of activity on each Special Day, so we can help our society in every possible way. Soon we will share the photos of this event on our website so stay tuned.

Its most important thing for a senior citizen. Because now a days the old people mostly found at home, hospitals and old age homes only. Some peoples not taking care about their parents, just focusing on their current parenting like what should i do for my child, my wife and etc, but they forgot about the main motive of their life which is “Are my parents are happy?” we will not discuss this here, but on other side some peoples are really taking good care of their parents. So, this day is specially for peoples who forgot about the sacrifices that our senior citizens do in their young age, to see us where we stand now.


However, seniors also face a number of challenges, due to aging. They may experience age- related health problems, financial insecurity, and social isolation. It is important to address these challenges and help our society to have a great future ahead.
On World Senior Cizens Day, let us come together and honor the contribution of our elders.

How can we celebrate World Senior Citizen Day?

You can celebrate by many ways some are the listed below:
1) Visit Old age homes and nursing homes and spend time with the residents.
2) Volunteer your time to help seniors.
3) Donate to a charity that supports seniors
4) Learn more about the challenges that seniors face and how can you help them frequently.
5) Host a party or luncheon for seniors in your community.
6) Organize a community service project that benefits seniors.
7) Create a public art project that celebrates the contributions of seniors.
8) Write a letter to a senior in your life expressing your appreciation for them.
9) Spread awareness of World Senior Citizen’s Day by sharing this article on social media.

Did you enjoy reading about our experience? Your comments mean a lot to us. Please share this article with your friends, family, and of course, your senior citizens as well.

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