Blue Aadhaar Card: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

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Blue Aadhaar Card For Childrens POVBharat

Indian Government recently launched the Blue Aadhaar card. It is a special Aadhaar card issued for children under the age of five. Traditional Aadhaar cards require biometric data like fingerprints and iris scans, but this new Blue Aadhaar card doesn’t require biometric data of the child. This initiative was taken by the government due to privacy concerns. This step makes it easier for parents to enroll their newborn and young children in the Aadhaar system seamlessly.

It’s natural for parents to have privacy concerns about their children’s data privacy. However, the Indian Government (UIDAI) implements strict data security measures to protect children’s information. Only parents and legally authorized guardians have access to a child’s Blue Aadhaar details, and these details are not publicly accessible like a normal Aadhaar card. Parents have more control over their child’s Aadhaar card, so they can also update or deactivate their child’s Aadhaar at any time using the e-Aadhaar portal.

How can a Blue Aadhaar Benefit your Child’s future?

There are lots of benefits of the Blue Aadhaar Card. Such as, it provides your children with a secure digital identity. It can streamline school admissions, so each time you don’t need to provide a bunch of documents for identity verification. It simplifies access to government welfare schemes, and in the future, it enables opportunities linked to Aadhaar, such as scholarship applications and banking services. As your child grows, updating their biometrics in the Aadhaar system will strengthen their digital identity and seamless access to all benefits.

Benefits of Blue Aadhaar Card:

  1. Streamlining school admission :

Now, in India, many schools require children to have an Aadhaar card for admission, and some schools authenticate students with biometric authentication. Due to underage children having to face lots of issues related to fingerprints, the Blue Aadhaar Card ensures a smooth and hassle-free admission and authentication process.

2. Access to government schemes:

Multiple government schemes like scholarships, subsidies, and healthcare programs utilize Aadhaar for identification and verification. A Blue Aadhaar can help your children benefit from those programs as they become eligible.

3. Building a secure digital Identity for your child:

    Blue Aadhaar ensures a unique and verifiable digital identity for your child from a young age. This can simplify various processes throughout their life, such as financial services like opening bank accounts, applying for passports, or accessing online services from all over the world.

    Early enrollment in Aadhaar saves time for you and your children. The Blue Aadhaar Card creates a digital footprint that can be beneficial for online and offline verification for multiple purposes, like combating identity theft or fraud.

    Real life Examples of Families using Blue Aadhaar Card:

    Your Son’s Admissions:

    • Suppose your family recently relocated to a new city. Now you want to enroll your younger son into kindergarten, but the admission process is very lengthy and time-consuming. Most schools require an Aadhaar card for identification and document verification. If you apply for your child’s Blue Aadhaar Card today by reading our article, then after some days, your son will have a Blue Aadhaar. Using the online portal, you will submit your son’s Blue Aadhaar details, streamlining the admission process and securing his place in school within days. Without the Blue Aadhaar, the manual verification process could have been lengthy and stressful.

    Your Family and Healthcare Benefits:

    • Suddenly your family faced financial difficulties when your newborn daughter, Shweta, developed a health condition requiring specialized treatment. And you got to know that you were eligible for a government-sponsored healthcare scheme, but accessing the benefits required proper identification. Thankfully, if you had already issued Blue Aadhaar just a few months prior, then you just needed to present her Aadhaar card at the designated hospital, and your family received immediate assistance. This eased their financial burden and ensured Shweta received the necessary treatment without delay.

    Now you know all the benefits about the Blue Aadhaar Card. Now we will have a look at how to apply for the Blue Aadhaar.

    How to apply for a Blue Aadhaar Card:

    There are two modes to apply for a Blue Aadhaar Card, the first one is online and the second is offline.

    To apply Blue Aadhaar Card Online:

    Step 1: Go to UIDAI official website (

    Blue Aadhaar Card udai website

    Step 2: Click on “My Aadhaar” and then Click on “Book an Appointment”

    Step 3: Select your location and click on “Proceed to Book Appointment”.

    Step 4: Click on “New Aadhaar” and enter your mobile number and captcha then click on Generate OTP and Complete the process.

    Step 5: Select your state, city, the center of Aadhaar Seva Kendra & DOB.

    Step 6: Fill in all your details after that click on the Next Button

    Step 7: Select your Appointment Date.

    Step 8: This is the final stage, In which you want to review all the important details and finally click on submit.

    Step 9: Finally, visit the Enrollment Center on your desired appointment date and complete the rest of the process. Don’t forget to bring the documents mentioned below.

    To apply Blue Aadhaar Card Offline:

    • Visit any Aadhaar Seva Kendra from the list or the Permanent Enrollment Center (the center list is available at
    • Inform the Aadhaar officials that you want to apply for a Blue Aadhaar card for your child and after that, they will schedule your appointment
    • Fill out the Aadhaar enrollment form and submit the required documents.

    Documents Required for Blue Aadhar Card

    • Child’s Birth certificate xerox and original
    • Parent’s Aadhaar card original and xerox
    • Two passport-sized photographs of the child (completely optional, can be taken at the center)
    • Address proof of parent (ration card, gas bill, electricity bill, etc.)

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