Why Vijay Shekhar Sharma Resigned as Paytm Payments Bank Chairman 

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Paytm Bank Did Not Follow RBI Rules 

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RBI found Paytm Bank was not following important rules on customer checks and data privacy 

RBI Worried About Lack of Oversight Between Bank & Paytm 

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RBI was worried Paytm Bank lacked proper independence from parent company Paytm. 

New Board to Address RBI Compliance Concerns 

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Sharma resigned & independent directors joined to address RBI worries about compliance. 

Separating Paytm Brand from Troubled Bank

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By resigning, Sharma aimed to separate the Paytm brand from the scrutinized bank. 

Smoother Leadership Change Under New Board 

The reshuffle allows a smooth transition to the new board & chairman.

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Key Step to Regain RBI Trust & Continue Services

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Fixing issues is crucial for Paytm Bank to regain RBI's trust & avoid service disruption.

Shows Paytm's Commitment to Fixing Compliance

Sharma's resignation shows Paytm's commitment to satisfy RBI concerns.