Vivek Ramaswamy Ends 2024 Presidential Bid Unexpectedly

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Vivek Ramaswamy Ends 2024 Presidential Bid POVBharat

New Delhi, January 16, 2024 – Indian-American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has ended his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination after a disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses on Monday. He has thrown his support behind former President Donald Trump.

Ramaswamy announced the suspension of his campaign during a speech at his caucus party in Des Moines on Monday night. “We did not achieve the surprise that we wanted to deliver tonight,” he told supporters.

The 38-year-old said he called Trump earlier in the evening to congratulate him on his projected victory in Iowa and offer his full endorsement. “There has to be an ‘America First’ candidate in the White House,” Ramaswamy stated.

He Twitted This Update on his official Twitter/X Handle

Despite spending considerable time campaigning across Iowa, Ramaswamy finished a distant fourth behind Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Ramaswamy, a son of Indian immigrants, was aiming to become the first Indian-American presidential nominee from a major political party.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Unconventional Candidacy Fails

During his campaign, he frequently praised Trump as “the greatest president of the 21st century.”He aligned himself closely with Trump’s “America First” agenda, including issues like immigration and foreign policy. Ramaswamy had pledged to pardon Trump if elected, in relation to the former president’s ongoing legal issues. Ramaswamy’s campaign gained momentum over the summer as he used media appearances and engaging antics to boost his name recognition. However, his polling numbers later stalled amid criticism over his staunch Trump support and lack of political experience.

The Ohio businessman’s withdrawal leaves Trump as the clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Trump immediately commended Ramaswamy in his own Iowa victory speech, calling him a “hell of a guy” with a “great future.”

Ramaswamy stated he will campaign for Trump in New Hampshire ahead of its primary on February 14. He also urged the other candidates to end their campaigns and coalesce around Trump.

His endorsement is seen as a blow to opponents seeking to paint themselves as the alternative to Trump in a one-on-one race. DeSantis and Haley will now scramble to consolidate anti-Trump support in the coming contests.

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Indian-American Support Shifts to Trump

Ramaswamy, a practicing Hindu, was bidding to become not only the first Indian-American president but also the first Asian-American nominee from either major party.

His candidacy gained significant interest and support from Indian-Americans across the country, many of whom are now likely to shift their backing to Trump.

Despite his White House campaign ending, Ramaswamy succeeded in raising his profile from a little-known biotech executive to a recognized figure in Republican politics. His next moves will be closely watched.

For now, the GOP nomination appears to be Trump’s race to lose. With Ramaswamy out, the former president is in a commanding position heading into New Hampshire and beyond.

The Iowa result reinforced Trump’s continued dominance over the Republican Party, even with multiple legal woes casting a shadow over his candidacy. But the ultimate outcome remains far from certain, with a long road ahead to clinch the nomination.

FAQ About Vivek Ramaswamy Ends 2024 Presidential Bid Unexpectedly :

  1. Why did Vivek Ramaswamy drop out of the 2024 presidential race?

    Ramaswamy ended his campaign after a disappointing 4th place finish in the Iowa Republican caucuses. He did not gain the voter traction and momentum he expected.

  2. Who did Vivek Ramaswamy endorse after dropping out?

    Ramaswamy endorsed Donald Trump for president shortly after suspending his own campaign. He sees Trump as the “America First” candidate.

  3. What will Vivek Ramaswamy do now?

    Ramaswamy plans to campaign for Trump in New Hampshire ahead of its upcoming primary. His next political moves will be closely watched.

  4. How well did Vivek Ramaswamy perform in the Iowa caucuses?

    Ramaswamy finished fourth in Iowa behind Trump, DeSantis, and Haley. He failed to gain the surprise victory he hoped for.

  5. Could Vivek Ramaswamy run for president again in the future?

    At just 38 years old, Ramaswamy still has plenty of time left in his political career. He could potentially mount another presidential bid down the road.

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