Within just 21 days, 'Jailer' has defied expectations and become a cinematic sensation. 

Rajinikanth's exceptional portrayal and compelling storyline fuel its unmatched success

On its 21st day, 'Jailer' collected Rs 2.75 crore, bringing its 21-day total to Rs 325.35 crore. 

The film's consistent occupancy rate of 21.54 

Crossing Rs 564.35 crore globally, 'Jailer' approaches the 600 crore milestone. 

Internationally, 'Jailer' ranks third in GCC region's top-grossing South Indian films. 

'Jailer' secures the second spot among all-time top grossers, surpassing 'Vikram'. 

This remarkable achievement solidifies its impact on Tamil Nadu's film industry. 

– The cast's outstanding performances drive 'Jailer's' success.

Rajinikanth's Tiger Pandian, along with impressive acts from Vinayakan, Ramya Krishnan, and Vasanth Ravi, creates a lasting impact. 

In just 21 days, 'Jailer' has made its mark in history. 

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